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How does my lifestyle impact my choice of stone?

White marble is everyone’s quintessential choice, but if you have young children and entertain a lot you can achieve that look with less maintenance. Granite is always an excellent option for countertops; it meets the needs of homeowners desiring added ... Read More
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Find your countertop today!

Granite countertops will enhance the beauty and feel of any kitchen. More importantly, they add to the functionality of your kitchen and provide you with tough surfaces. Granite counters are durable and simple to keep clean and they will last ... Read More
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What colors is granite available in?

There is an easily dispelled myth that granite doesn’t offer many color options. Come to our showroom and you’ll see this isn’t the case. We have catalogs and books showing several hundred colors. ... Read More
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You need THE BEST stone quality!

Granite Depot of the Crossroads offers the best stone quality at a fair price. We can help you to choose the perfect stone for your kitchen or bathroom islands! COME VISIT US: 7517 Maynardville Pike, Knoxville, Tennessee ... Read More
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Why is granite so popular as a kitchen countertop?

Granite has the honor of being the densest natural stone known to man, meaning it can withstand the busiest of kitchens. Granite is scratch resistant, stain resistant and heat resistant. Acidic substances like fruit juices, wine and lemons will not ... Read More
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Is quartz resistant to heat?

Quartz’s resin component leaves it vulnerable to direct heat, so it should be treated with care. It is more resistant to heat than laminate surfaces but lags behind worktops made of granite and other stones in terms of heat resistance. ... Read More